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Aliases: Zebularine, 1H-β-D-ribofuranosyl-2-pyrimidinone; NSC 309132
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Application: DNA Methylation

for ZebularineChemical Properties

MW = 228.2
CAS 3690-10-6
>98% (HPLC); NMR (Conforms)

for ZebularineDescription

DNA methyltransferase inhibitor which binds covalently to methyltransferases (ref 1). Re-activates silenced E-cadherin expression in EBV-harboring Burkitt's lymphoma Akata cells (ref 2). Delays tumor growth and induces apoptosis in a genetically engineered mouse model of breast cancer (ref 3). Potentiates differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into cardiomyocytes (ref 4). Inhibits cytidine deaminase (Ki ~ 2 µM)(ref 5). Active in vivo.

for ZebularineContents

White powder. May be dissolved in DMSO (20 mg/ml); or water (20 mg/ml).

for ZebularineStorage Conditions

Store desiccated as supplied at -20°C for up to 2 years. Store solutions at -20°C for up to 1 month.

for ZebularineReferences

1. L Zhou et al. J. Mol. Biol. 2002, 321:591
2. SP Rao et al. Mol. Cancer 2007, 6:3
3. M Chen et al. Mol. Cancer Ther. 2012, 11:370
4. N Naeem et al. Cardiovasc. Ther. 2013, 31:201
5. J Laliberte et al. Cancer Chemother. Pharmacol. 1992, 30:7

Chemical structure of Zebularine.

Chemical structure of Zebularine.


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Chemical structure of Zebularine.

Chemical structure of Zebularine.
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