[VIDEOS] Chromatin-Con 2023: Epigenetics of Aging Meeting

These videos feature presentations from the Chromatin-Con 2023: Epigenetics Mechanisms – Impact on Aging and Disease Meeting in January of 2023. This was a 3-day, online event featuring talks from international experts focusing on the emerging research into the relationship between epigenetic mechanisms on aging and related disease states, with the goal to share information and foster interactions between scientists from around the globe. Included are 3 sessions in total, each focused around a different aspect of epigenetics and aging.

Session 1: Epigenetics and Disease

Watch Complete Session 1 with Round Table Discussion


Session 2: Cell Heterogeneity/Loss of Identity

Watch Complete Session 2 with Round Table Discussion


Session 3: Interventions for Healthy Aging and Longevity

Watch Complete Session 3 with Round Table Discussion