[WEBINAR] PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator - Sample Preparation for Multiomics

In this webinar, Dr. Rwik Sen, Field Application Scientist at Active Motif demonstrates how the PIXUL Multi-Sample Sonicator can be applied to generate fast, consistent, and high-throughput, sample preparation for use in multiomics research.

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Bridging ChIP-Seq and Translational Research with PIXUL® Sonication

In this free webinar, Dr. Joshua Messinger, Ph.D., R&D Scientist at Active Motif, describes how innovative PIXUL® sonication technology fuels techniques allowing epigenetic analysis to be conducted on clinical samples - something which was previously very difficult to accomplish.

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Advances in Chromatin and DNA Shearing

Achieving proper sonication of chromatin and DNA, from a wide array of sample types, is critical for the success of several of today’s most popular lab techniques. Limitations in traditional shearing approaches can lead to experimental failures and inconsistent results. Therefore, Active Motif has developed a new instrument to address those issues.

In this webinar, Dr. Rwik Sen, Ph.D., Field Applications Scientist at Active Motif, discusses how the PIXUL® Multi-Sample Sonicator addresses many of the issues around chromatin and DNA shearing.

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Ensuring ChIP-Seq Success

Chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by next-generation sequencing (ChIP-Seq) is one of the most commonly used tools in epigenetics research. This webinar will discuss approaches to the technique of ChIP-Seq to help ensure a successful experiment.

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Intro to ChIP-Seq Bioinformatics Pipelines

The large amount of complex data generated by ChIP-Seq experiments makes bioinformatics analysis pipelines critical for successful ChIP-Seq projects. This webinar discusses some of the most popular bioinformatics tools and approaches to analyze ChIP-Seq data and provides an introduction to help you learn how to analyze ChIP-Seq data.

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