Epigenetic Services Sample Preparation Protocols

Use the links below to view and download sample preparation protocols for our Epigenetic Services.

Service Sample Submission Portal

When you're ready to submit your samples, our online sample submission portal allows you to easily upload your service project samples and track your project status. Follow the sample submission instructions in the portal to ensure that all your samples arrive at Active Motif in the best possible condition and properly associated with your project.

Sample Preparation Protocols

Epigenetic Service Sample Preparation Protocol
ATAC-Seq Services View PDF
Single-Cell ATAC-Seq Services View PDF
ChIP-Seq Services View PDF
ChIC/CUT&RUN Service View PDF
CUT&Tag Services View PDF
DNA Methylation Services – RRBS View PDF
Hi-C Services View PDF
Mod Spec Services View PDF
Single-Cell Multiome Services View PDF
RIME Services View PDF
RNA-Seq Services View PDF
Single-Cell and Single-Nucleus RNA-Seq Services View PDF